Chronic Pain Research and Treatment Updates

If you have chronic pain, finding ways to manage it is always a priority. But this kind of pain can be difficult to treat—mainly because it often doesn't have a cause. Fortunately, researchers are working hard to answer many of the questions surrounding chronic back pain.
 Pipette adding fluid to one of several test tubesKeeping on top of current research is important, whether you have chronic pain or any other disorder. It's a small—but very important—part of being proactive about your health. But we understand that following medical developments can be time-consuming and often difficult to understand from a patient perspective.

You can also visit Practical Pain Management, one of our sister sites.  There, you'll find information on current pain treatments and resources to help you better manage your pain.

Chronic Pain Research and Treatment Updates

Updated on: 12/06/16
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What is Chronic Pain?
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What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is hard to define because it affects people so differently and can come in so many forms.
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