Tips to Avoid Back Pain at the Table

The Holidays and Back Pain

The Table

  • Eat slowly. This tip is more to guarantee that you enjoy the meal. Don't overeat: on Thanksgiving, most of us take in many times our daily caloric allowance. Thanksgiving is the traditional start to the holiday overeating period—and all those extra calories lead to extra weight. After the holidays, it can be difficult to lose that weight.

    If you eat slowly, though, you'll be more aware when you're full. Trying to eat a normal-size portion of everything is too much; be content with small tastes of everything.
  • Watch your posture. Basically, you should always watch your posture, whether you're standing or sitting. We tend to spend a long time around the Thanksgiving table…sharing what we're thankful for, laughing, passing the dinner rolls, catching up.

    The meal is the social focus of the day (although many women know that the real talk happens in the kitchen, another reason to get as much help in the kitchen as possible), so if you spend all that time with poor sitting posture, you run the risk of back pain.
  • Get up from the table. As a family—and weather permitting—take a brisk walk after the meal. In fact, during the holiday season, it's more important than ever to be vigilant about exercise—it's so easy to get behind. Throughout December and into the New Year, stick to your workout schedule (or get a head start on a New Year's resolution and begin an exercise plan).

    Making exercise a fun family activity is a good way to burn off Thanksgiving calories. Consider playing touch football, getting out the Wii Fit, or sticking with a simple walk.
Updated on: 11/20/15
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