Conclusion: Acute Low Back Pain and Medication

Which Medications Are Best for Acute Low Back Pain?

Lumbar back painHow do you know which medication(s) is best to treat your neck or low back pain? That is a joint decision to be made with your doctor.  He or she can prescribe a medication, but if it has side effects you're uncomfortable with, don't be afraid to speak up.

If the medication isn't relieving your acute low back pain, you need to tell your doctor.  You may need a different dosage, try another medication, or a combination of two drugs.

How to Choose a Medication for Acute Lower Back Pain
There are various agents that can be helpful in addressing the painful phase of acute low back problems. The particular medication should be chosen after consideration of the following:

  1. indications
  2. contraindications (who shouldn't take this medication?)
  3. goals of treatment, ie, analgesia (pain relief), reduction of inflammation, reduction of muscle spasm
  4. the scientific and clinical evidence of the medication's effectiveness.

These are the details your doctor will take into consideration when prescribing a medication for you.

Medications Reviewed in This Acute Low Back Pain Treatments Series

With the proper selection of pain medication and a positive response, you can then start more active rehabilitation and avoid the development of a more chronic low back condition.

You should remember that:  the point of a medication isn't to cure your low back condition; it is to give you pain relief so that you can more easily (and with less pain) address the underlying cause of your back pain.  That may involve physical therapy, stretching, swimming, or exercise.  Your doctor will work with you to develop a treatment plan that works with your life and helps you address the low back pain.

Updated on: 02/23/17
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Medication and Treatment of Acute Low Back Pain
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