Benefits of the McKenzie Method

Guiding patients in self-care

This article is an excerpt from Dr. Donelson's book entitled: Rapidly Reversible Low Back Pain: An Evidence-Based Pathway to Widespread Recoveries and Savings. You can learn more about the book and order your own copy at

Doctor ExamThe McKenzie Method paradigm of care is distinct from all other forms of care in that each patient's treatment is individualized and determined by their presentation and exam findings that are elicited by this unique assessment process.

Their treatment is not determined by their clinician's favorite treatment, by what school they attended, or by the discipline of which they are a member. Appropriately, a patient's treatment is determined by the characteristics of their underlying pain source.

The McKenzie Method has this additional major benefit: patients in whom a directional preference is elicited can then typically orchestrate their own rapid recoveries using directional exercises and postural strategies specific to their directional preference identified during their assessment.

After the assessment, the clinician's role in securing the "cure" is largely educational, guiding the patient in their self-care. This obviously results in much lower health care costs.



Updated on: 08/21/19
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