Back Pain Tips for Expectant Mothers

Finding the Right Treatment Combination

Pregnant with Back PainMany expecting mothers experience lower back pain during their pregnancy. For some women, this pain is intense and lasts only a short time; in others, it may persist for weeks.

In a recent study, a team of researchers set out to understand what types of treatments best benefit pregnant women and help reduce their levels of pain. The study, “A randomized controlled trial comparing a multimodal intervention and standard obstetrics care for low back and pelvic pain in pregnancy,” was published online ahead of print in October 2012 in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Continue reading to learn more about the results of this study; then, read our Back Pain During Pregnancy article to find out about the causes and types of back pain most commonly experienced by expecting mothers.

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How the Study Was Conducted
The researchers examined data on 169 women who were between 24 and 28 weeks pregnant. Follow-up appointments were conducted with the women at 33 weeks. The researchers assigned the women to 2 different treatment groups: 1 group only received routine obstetric care, while the other group received routine care along with musculoskeletal care.

The musculoskeletal and obstetric management (MOM) group engaged in stabilization exercises, and they received manual therapy and patient education from chiropractic specialists. The researchers measured levels of pain and disability in both groups.

What the Researchers Found
The result of the study showed that women in the MOM group had significantly lower pain scores following their treatments. The women who only received standard obstetric care did not show significant improvements in their lower back and pelvic pain.

What this Study Means for You
The results of this study suggest that a multimodal approach—in this case, one that combines musculoskeletal care with obstetric care—can be helpful in treating lower back and pelvic pain in pregnant women.

Talk to your healthcare professional about the safest and most effective treatment options for alleviating your back pain during pregnancy. As this study shows, complementary and alternative treatments, like chiropractic care, may be helpful.

Additionally, you may wish to perform gentle stretches and exercises at home to help with your pain. Check out our Back Pain Exercises and Stretches article for ideas; however, remember to consult your doctor first before trying any new physical fitness routines.

Updated on: 08/18/15
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