Americans in Pain: Part 4

Who Should Pay to Fix Our Back Pain Problem?

Back Pain FaceQuestion 3
Who should pay to fix America's back and neck pain problem?

Possible Answers

  • Medical insurance companies and medical device companies: It could be part of their normal operating costs.
  • Government: They should make a comprehensive back and neck pain program a priority and fund it adequately.
  • Businesses: All employers should contribute to the funding (because it may help reduce their medical insurance costs).
  • Charitable organizations
  • A combination of the options above
  • Other

At least we confirmed our party ideologies. Democrats think the government should pay to fix back and neck pain, and Republicans think insurance companies—and certainly not the government—should pay.

pie chart; democractic survey results of how to fix the causes of back and neck problems in Americans

pie chart; republican survey results of how to fix the causes of back and neck problems in Americans

Actually, most everyone said that it should be a combination of all the options, but if you look at the second most popular choice for who should pay, you get that little ideological microcosm. Democrats are a-ok with more government involvement; Republicans feel that government should get out of the way.

Updated on: 08/18/15
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