5 Things About World Spine Day

Celebrate back and neck health on October 16. View the video that explains the importance of World Spine Day.

Practically everyone on the planet understands back pain, as it’s the leading worldwide cause of disability. The spine endures a lot of wear and tear over the course of a lifetime, but knowing how to care for your back can prevent serious pain and disability. With this in mind, World Spine Day was launched to educate the public about spine conditions—and inspire them to become more active in their own health. 
World Spine Day LogoWhat Is World Spine Day?
World Spine Day is held each year on October 16, and it is part of Bone and Joint Decade Action Week. The day was formally launched by the World Federation of Chiropractic in 2012, with the goal to raise awareness about spinal health and spine disorders. To accomplish this, people across the globe participate in special educational events and activities to boost their knowledge about back and neck pain.

What Is This Year’s World Spine Day Theme?
The 2017 World Spine Day theme is “Your Back In Action,” which focuses on the importance of physical activity and proper posture to long-term back health and injury prevention.

Exercise and good posture are easy to let slip in today’s sedentary society. However, making them a priority in your daily life will pay off as you age, as they condition and alleviate pressure on your spine.

To bring the theme to life, people are encouraged to plan special events and activities that promote movement and healthy posture to mark year’s World Spine Day.

What Can I Do to Participate in World Spine Day?
To promote this year’s theme of “Your Back In Action,” you can arrange or participate in an active event in your community, such as a yoga class, fun run, or bike ride.

Health fairs or workshops that demonstrate the importance of proper posture (such as how to bend and lift properly, office ergonomics, how core strength supports good posture, etc.) are also great ways to celebrate the day.

You can even partner with co-workers to host stretch sessions or a lunch walk during the work day.

The World Spine Day website has additional information about how you can get involved, including links to how others have honored the day to help inspire you.

What Are the Other Days in Bone and Joint Decade Action Week?
Bone and Joint Decade Action Week is a global health awareness event held each year on October 12 – 20. Five days of this week are set aside to highlight a specific musculoskeletal condition. In addition to World Spine Day on October 16, the other highlighted conditions include:

What Does World Spine Day Mean for You?
When your spine hurts, everything hurts. Back pain is associated with everything from sleep problems to depression, and it can damage your quality of life.

Your spine supports you day in and day out. Taking a day to consider what you can do to preserve your spine is a simple, yet significant investment in your health. If you come away from the day learning one way to take better care of your back, it could contribute to less pain down the road. Small steps add up quickly, and your spine will thank you.

Updated on: 10/04/17
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