2008 Presidential Election: The Candidates on Health Care

Sen. Obama Explains His Health Care Plan
Health care is one of the biggest issues in the 2008 presidential election—and most likely, it’s a very important issue for you. People with back and neck pain face a maze of questions: will my insurance cover this surgery? If I transfer jobs, will the new insurance plan cover my chronic back condition? What about my medications?

So to help you cut through the confusion and rhetorical flourishes and political speak, SpineUniverse went to Senators Barack Obama and John McCain. We asked them five questions about their respective health care plans.

Read Sen. Obama’s answers to SpineUniverse’s health care questions.

Sen. McCain’s campaign did not respond, but you can review his health care
plan here.

SpineUniverse does not endorse any particular candidate or party. This health care content is for informational purposes only.

Updated on: 02/21/19
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