Surgery and Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy Study

A patient-friendly explanation of study on surgery's effectiveness on patients with cervical spondylotic myelopathy.

Joint Fusion Procedure Shows Pain-relieving Potential

Results from two studies presented at the American Academy of Pain Medicine's Annual Meeting show that minimally invasive joint fusion surgery and spinal cord stimulation effectively relieve back pain. Article includes information on these treatments.

How Effective is Vertebroplasty?

A study released in the New England Journal of Medicine found that vertebroplasty delivered similar results as a placebo procedure. Article includes a spine professional’s response about the significance of the findings.

Should You Try Pilates for Lower Back Pain?

Researchers in Brazil set out to test the usefulness of Pilates in the treatment of lower back pain. Check out the results of this recent study.

Chronic Neck Pain? Try Yoga

In a recent study, researchers in Germany set out to explore whether yoga is effective in the treatment of chronic neck pain

Back Pain Tips for Expectant Mothers

In a recent study, researchers set out to understand what types of treatments best benefit pregnant women and help reduce their levels of lower back pain.

Americans in Pain: Part 1

When Americans were asked about back pain, a national health care issue, they responded along party lines. Who should fix this pervasive problem? Democrats say the government; Republicans respectfully disagree. Read other intriguing survey results.

Americans in Pain: Part 3

Survey results: America should invest in more research in order to prevent back and neck pain. Other ideas include universal health coverage (that's what Democrats think would fix our backs) and encouraging weight loss (so say Republicans).

Americans in Pain: Part 2

Survey results: Americans say that work is the #1 cause of back and neck pain. Our career-focused lifestyle seems to promote poor posture and a lack of good ergonomic principles. Includes tips on how to avoid back pain and neck pain at wo

Americans in Pain: Part 4

Survey results: who should pay to fix America's pervasive back and neck pain issues? The country is split. Some say the government; some say insurance companies. Any other ideas?

The Olympics Caused My Back Pain

I didn't know watching the Olympics could be so painful...for my spine. For four hours I sat slumped on the couch, and my bad posture led to back pain. Here's some back stretches and exercises I should've done to help prevent muscle tension.

Facts and Tips about Osteoporosis

Approximately 700,000 vertebral fractures occur each year. Many are caused by osteoporosis.

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Facts and Tips

Get a quick overview of key details about juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA), including that it's also called juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

Avoid Back Pain While Leaf Raking

Leaf raking can leave you with back pain, so before heading out to rake, read these quick tips on taking care of your spine and preventing back pain.

Americans in Pain: Part 5

Will we ever be able to entirely prevent back pain? You can do your best to avoid back and neck pain by following these simple tips in your day-to-day life. And if we all follow these suggestions, more of us can prevent pain.

Trampoline Injuries: Visits to Emergency Rooms are Jump'n

Trampolines can be dangerous and emergency room visits are constantly increasing. This article outlines some simple safety procedures that may help protect your family.

Osteoporosis Screening Tip: Is it Time for Your Bone Density Test?

Osteoporosis screening and bone density tests are not just for women anymore! Doctors consider a bone density test as important to your health as a cholesterol test. Knowing your score is a first step to osteoporosis prevention.

How Your Neck Pain May Affect Your Breathing

A recent study explored whether patients who have ongoing neck pain also have problems with respiratory strength.

Back Pain Exercises and Stretches

Keeping your back healthy is a daily commitment. It helps to do daily stretches and exercises specifically designed to prevent back pain. Follow these easy instructions on how to prevent back pain or find back pain relief.

Treatment of Pediatric Spinal Cord Tumors

Surgery is performed to remove or reduce the size of the tumor and alleviate the pressure ont he spinal column caused by the tumor.

More Healthy Tips for Living with Spinal Arthritis

Do you have arthritis? Tips 6 through 10 can help you live a healthier life. Learn how you can find pain relief every day for your aching joints.

Myths and Misconceptions about Osteoporosis

We now know that with diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, supplements, and drug therapies, osteoporosis is totally preventable, yet misinformation abounds.

Vegans Match Meat Eaters in Bone Health

A 2009 study found that the bone density of vegan Buddhist nuns and non-vegetarians are identical. Though vegans typically do not consume enough calcium and protein, findings show that they are not at an increased risk for osteoporosis.

On-field Hypothermia Saves Everett

When Buffalo Bills? tight end Kevin Everett made a heads-down tackle on Sunday?s game with Denver, the resulting severe spinal cord injury stunned crowds and has created a media sensation.

Hear from a Scoliosis Patient

Hear the story of a teenager who went through scoliosis surgery (and know that you can get through spine surgery, too!).

Surgery for Back Pain

Less than 5% of people with back pain need spine surgery. But if you're in that 5%, your doctor will make the best recommendation for the type of surgery. This is a list of typical surgical procedures used to treat back pain.

Common Osteoporosis Questions

Many of the most common questions people ask about osteoporosis are answered here.

Non-surgical Treatments for Kyphosis

The treatment plan depends on the cause of the kyphosis. When kyphosis is caused by a structural problem, wearing a special brace can help control back pain and slow or stop curve progression.

Vitamin D Can Reduce Back Pain

Recent research shows that patients with chronic back pain almost always have a vitamin D deficiency, too. Taking vitamin D supplements may eventually bring pain relief-- when used in conjunction with other treatments. Find out why.

Facts and Tips about Back Pain

Quick facts and tips about back pain.

Facts and Tips about Kyphosis

There are two kinds of kyphosis. Learn what they are, plus other facts about this extreme rounding of the spine.

Spinal Cord Injury Prevention

Some spinal cord injuries (SCI) can be prevented if you follow these tips for driving and playing sports. Here, you can also learn tips about how to fall proof your home, another way to prevent SCI.

Types of Osteoporosis: Primary or Secondary

Some physicians classify osteoporosis as either primary or secondary. Classification may be dependent on whether the osteoporosis is age related or caused by a medical condition or medications that can interfere with normal bone reformation.

Osteoporosis: The Silent Thief

Osteoporosis causes bones to become weak and fragile. This can cause loss of height, humpback (kyphosis), and debilitating pain. It's a "silent thief" because you often don't know you're losing bone density until you fracture a vertebra.

Osteoporosis: Treatment Goals and Prevention

Having osteoporosis does not have to mean a life of pain and inactivity. The four-fold goals in the treatment of osteoporosis are discussed here.

World-class Olympic Athletes Struggle with Back Pain

Almost all of us get back pain; professional and Olympic athletes are no exception. Learn how several world-class athletes have dealt with herniated discs and sciatic pain, plus hear comments from spine experts on their treatment.

Great Pumpkins, Greater Pains

Pumpkin patches are one of the great mainstays of the fall season. But to make the most of a day trip, you should know how to lift to prevent back pain. Pumpkins are heavier than they look, and they cause pain if you don’t know the right technique.

Symptoms of Neck Pain

Neck pain can come with other symptoms, such as headaches or blurred vision. To understand symptoms associated with cervical spine problems, watch this video. Dr. Dan Riew explains the pain and other symptoms in straightforward language.

Spinal Stenosis Video Series

A spine expert, Dr. Jeffrey Wang, explains everything you need to know about spinal stenosis, a very common spinal condition. He reviews the symptoms, causes, and treatments for this spinal condition in this engaging video series.

Degenerative Disc Disease Video Series

A spine expert, Dr. Richard Fessler, explains everything you need to know about degenerative disc disease in this in-depth video series.

Video: Causes of Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease has multiple causes, but the most common cause is the wear and tear process of aging on your spine. In this video, Dr. Richard Fessler goes over why your discs degenerate and cause pain.

Neck Pain Exercise Video: Side Bending

For neck conditions, such as whiplash or degenerative disc disease, you may need to do some exercises to strengthen your neck muscles. The side bending stretch featured in this video may help relieve your neck pain.

Neck Pain Exercise Video: Side-to-Side Head Rotation

You can try to relieve your neck pain by doing the side-to-die head rotation exercise. In this video, you’ll see how to stretch your neck, and you’ll learn how it helps you deal with pain from degenerative disc disease or whiplash.

Neck Pain Exercise Video: Chin Tucks

To help relieve neck pain caused be cervical degenerative disc disease or whiplash, your doctor may recommend this exercise: chin tucks. Watch this video to learn the best way to do them and how often you should do this neck exercise.

Back Pain Exercise Video: Curl-up (Crunch)

For back pain caused by spondylosis or spondylolisthesis, the doctor may recommend curl-ups (also called crunches). Most everyone’s familiar with this exercise, which will help strengthen your core muscles. A strong core better supports your spine.

Back Pain Exercise Video: Knee Lifts (Marching)

If you have back pain (especially back pain with sciatica) caused by spondylosis or spondylolisthesis, your doctor may recommend the knee lift exercise. Video shows you how to do this back pain exercise to help reduce your pain.

Back Pain Exercise Video: Opposite Arm and Leg Extension

The opposite arm and leg extension is a great exercise for low back pain caused by a herniated disc. Learn how to do it in this video.

Back Pain Exercise Video: Upper Back Extension

Doing upper back extension exercises can help strengthen and stabilize your lower back. If you have back pain from a herniated disc, your doctor may recommend this stretch. Video explains how to do an upper back extension.

Back Pain Exercise Video: All Fours Opposite Arm and Leg Extension

Watch this exercise video to see how to do the all fours opposite arm and leg extension. It’s an exercise that can help relieve pain caused by degenerative disc disease in the low back, and it can strengthen and stabilize your lumbar spine.

Back Pain Exercise Video: Knee to Chest

The knee to chest stretch is one way to relieve pain from degenerative disc disease or spinal stenosis. Your doctor may recommend that you do this exercise for your back pain, especially if you have sciatica as well.