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Strength and Mobility

Aging and Exercise: What You Need to Know to Stay Fit

Find out how aging affects your body and learn how exercise can help.
Most older adults don't get enough exercise. However, studies show that older people who maintain active lifestyles that include exercise experience fewer health problems as they age.

Strong Spine, Healthy Mobility

Mobility is more than just your ability to walk. Mobility is your independence.
By recognizing the role your spine plays in your mobility’s health, you are protecting your long-term quality of life.

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Balance and Prevent Spinal Fractures

A seemingly harmless fall can lead to a loss of independence. Protect yourself with these balance-boosting tips.
Falling is a common injury. Whether you’re a wobbly toddler or a middle-aged athlete, just about everyone has experienced the pain of a fall. But, as you age, falling is a more serious matter, as it can lead to a neck sprain, back strain, or spinal fracture that can take a toll on your mobility and independence. Among the best ways to prevent falls is having good balance.

Bone Health

Osteoporosis Food Quiz: What Are the Best Foods for Bone Health ?

Hip and spinal fractures threaten your mobility. Staying active is your best defense.
Osteoporosis is a common metabolic disease that may cause your bones to become less dense, meaning the bones lose strength and become susceptible to fracture (eg, vertebral compression fracture). The good news is, the risk for developing osteoporosis may be reduced, and in some cases, prevented. Take this quiz to learn how to use food as a weapon against bone loss.

Fractured Freedom: Osteoporosis Hurts More than Your Bones

If osteoporosis has slowed you down, you can regain your mobility and independence. The tips contained in this article show you how.
It’s no secret that an osteoporosis-related hip or spinal fracture is painful, but they can cause even more significant long-term damage. Osteoporosis can lead to immobility, which means you may not be able to move as freely as you did before. Walking seems so simple—until you’re not able to do it easily.

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Online Medicine Cabinet

10 Back and Neck Pain Medication Safety Tips

Understanding how to properly use medications is key to successfully recovering from spine conditions and to your overall safety.
While the plastic prescription bottle clearly states the dosage, so many questions may be left unanswered.

Raising Awareness of Opioid Use in Older Adults and the Elderly

People change with age and so do their needs for medications.
SpineUniverse reported on a study that indicated a 10% increase in opioid addiction or dependency in patients prescribed such medications to treat post-operative pain. Although spine surgery was not among the types of operations included in the study, it’s interesting to note that 3% of the patients surveyed, ages 55-years plus, admitted opioid use and addiction.

Buying From Online Pharmacies: Does the Convenience Outweigh the Risks?

Many people turn to the Internet to buy medications as a way to save money and time.
Here you will learn how to buy medications online safely and what to look for to see if an online pharmacy is safe.

Spine Pain and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Anti-inflammatory Diet for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Does What You Eat Have an Effect on RA?
What you eat may have a mild effect on your rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Some foods—as part of the anti-inflammatory diet—may have an anti-inflammatory effect, which means that they may reduce inflammation levels in your body.

Drugs and Medications for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Listed are the rheumatoid arthritis drugs and medications, in the order they are commonly used.
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) has no known cure, but there are many drugs and medications that can help reduce your inflammation and joint pain. Based on the severity of your rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, your doctor will develop the right medication regimen for you.

When Is Back or Neck Pain an Emergency?

Here, you’ll learn about 6 potentially serious spinal conditions and symptoms you shouldn’t ignore.
Most people experience back pain or neck pain at some point in their lives—and most cases are not an emergency. Bouts of spine-related pain can usually be managed at home with an over-the-counter (OTC) anti-inflammatory drug, OTC pain reliever or ice and heat. Seldom is spine surgery urgently needed, and most surgical procedures are elective. However, there are times when back or neck pain requires urgent medical attention.