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Posted in: Surgery.

Uncontrollable EDEMA post cervical spine surgery

Started by Tpa2018 on 04/14/2019 1:56pm

On 1/28/19 I had c5-c6 disc replacement. Immediately after surgery I noticed my hands , arms, and feet were swollen. I’ve had a dozen surgeries throughout my life (I am 32 and most precious surgeries were for endometriosis / ovarian cysts). I had never woken up in a recovery room with swelling until the disc replacement. I was told I was given fluids during the 45 min procedure and that the swelling was normal.

Fast forward to today - many weeks later - 4-14-19 I rapidly gained over 25 pounds of fluid. It is all over my body. My face, hands, feet, legs, arms, back, neck, and even in my genital region. My legs look as though there are balloons of fluid on them. I have been to SO MANY doctors trying to figure this out (my surgeon has completely ignored my post surgical symptoms). So far, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, cardiac issues, lymphedema, kidney disease, etc., has all been ruled out: proven to be healthy. The only thing that is abnormal is my ESR and CRP levels in my bloodwork, but they are only slightly elevated (WSR 35 and CRP 2.11)

lymphatic drainage massage can relieve 1 pound of fluid per session. And a over the counter holistic diuretic + drinking one gallon of water daily can help me lose up to 7 pounds in one day. If I don’t take the supplements and I don’t drink enough water, I can gain several pounds in one day. Hot yoga also helps me lose about a pound per class. So, I have seen some progress, but not enough. I’ve lost about 7 pounds total of fluid in the last 2 weeks.

I look obese but it’s all fluid. It’s the frustrating and infuriating to be SO out of control of my body. I don’t know what has caused
This but I have a hard time believing it doesn’t have something to do with the spine surgery since the swelling only occurred immediately after the procedure.

I did have severe nerve issues/damage post surgery that took over 6 weeks to subside. Dropping things/ everything, tingling in my arms and right leg. While those symptoms subsided the edema became worse.

Has anyone experienced this? Any suggestions/ help is sure to be greatly appreciated. I feel very alone in this process and growing more frustrated by the day.

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