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Posted in: Surgery.

Post 3 level lumbar fusion questions

Started by Dustin76 on 10/11/2017 6:53pm

I am 10 days post surgery from a 3 level fusion from my l3-s1. They had to post cages thru the front entry, and the rods and screws thru the back. One thing I was wondering if anyone else had a anterior/posterior fusion where they had one long incision in the front but 2 - 8 inch incisions in the back on either side of the spine. All I know is that recovery so far has been really rough.

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Hello, Dustin76--thank you for posting your questions to our Community!

While we don't have a personal experience to share, we'd like to pass along some information about fusion recovery that we hope will help you.

As you likely know, the process of healing a fusion can take many months or well over a year (this is especially true for a multi-level fusion). It's normal to experience pain those first few weeks after surgery, and positive results may be slow to realize. We're sure your surgeon expressed the fact that fusion is not a quick fix, but rather a commitment to a long process of improving your back and leg pain. Though total cures are rare, most patients can expect a dramatic and lasting improvement in their back and leg pain.

Here's a great resource that includes some information and tips on a successful spine surgery recovery:
( Surgery Recovery: From Hospital to Home )

We hope this helps, and look forward to reading stories of other Community visitors who might share their personal experiences with spinal fusion with you!