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Posted in: Surgery.

Neck surgery but cant lift left arm

Started by Tammy Cannucci on 10/08/2017 3:41pm

My husband has had less strength in his left arm for several yrs after a neck surgery in 2010. Was scheduled for another neck surgery in 2016 but had a heart attack. He is over all a healthy 57 yr old. Anyways, neck surgery had to wait. He had surgery Tue of this past week. While his arm was weak he could use it. They took the plate and screw out on disc 2 and 3. Then dis some sort of mesh on discs 4 and 5. They went through the front incision he had before due to having to get the prior plate and screw to remove. He has had no more arm pain. He has complete feeling from shoulder to tips of fingers. Just no pain. However he can NOT lift his arm since surgery. They say he could in Recovery. But from the time he got to his room and I saw him till now he can not lift it. He can move side to side which he couldn't even do after surgery without using his other hand to lift it. But thinking that is because it had to b lifted. They did an MRI. Nothing looks abnormal. The nerve that was being pinched is clear now. Doctors r baffled. Say very rare to happen. They started him on Stroids for inflammation w hopes that may b the issue. We r 6 days in and no change in his arm. He can get some lift after I do a deep tissue massage on his shoulder to fingertips. But not for long. Just seconds. He managed to lift it one time while up for his 2 a.m. med. Shocked us both. But that was a one time deal. Sorry if this seems redundant and a run on synopsis. Trying to give all details. I am trying to think of anything that may help. He does have pain in his neck now which is to b expected after decompression and manipulating his neck in the manner they had to to b able to get from c2 to c5 discs w one incision. He is not taking pain meds just his muscle relaxer. He hates meds. We r both trying to understand this. But more so I am worried as depression has already started setting in. We were not warned about this possibility so has struck us out of the blue. I am overjoyed his pain is gone but he is left handed. He has always been a worker. About a yr for his 3rd retirement. As a deputy he will not b able to work again if this remains. Working is all he knows. He can't even bath one part of his body w out my help. Ideas would b very appreciated. At a loss here. For the record Steroids have not helped. Only made him really moody and grumpy. Won't eat much. Blood pressure up and pounding heart rate. So we r waiting to hear from Surgeon tomorrow. But talked to on call Surgeon and he advised my husband can go to 2 mg every 6 hrs instead of 4, to taper off. Thank You in advance for any help.

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