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Posted in: Surgery.

Staples inside neck

Started by Hopechild65 on 10/04/2017 5:09pm

Just want to ask a question.. I am doing well now that I'm healed. I went to my surgeons office last week and was told I'm at 100% fusion and that was amazing news. After getting home and looking at X-rays myself my daughter noticed a bunch of little white lines near the area and asked me what they were. I had no clue until this morning when I read the report that came with the X-ray. It reads there is a redemonstration of staples in the left lateral neck. I then went and looked again and counted 17 and in very odd different areas all in the left side . Is this normal? Is this going to cause problems? Should I be concerned. I don't see the surgeon for another year now and wonder if maybe I should find out why so many were in there. Thanks for reading and I hope you have some answers. Thank you. Oh and it was a c3-4 4-5 ACDF in case you need to know.

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Hi, Hopechild65--thanks for your question! Spinal instrumentation can cause some confusion--it's a natural question to wonder why staples, screws, or cages would be placed inside your body. These staples are likely used to promote the fusion of your cervical spinal bones, but you have the right to know why they are there and if they pose any potential harm.

Perhaps you should give your surgeon's office a call about what you saw on your x-ray. You never have to apologize about inquiring into your health--and you don't have to wait until your next appointment to have your questions answered.

We hope this information helps, and wish you continued good health!