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Posted in: Surgery.

L4-S1 alif

Started by Jaclyn Gaffney on 02/23/2017 5:33pm

I'm having an l4-s1 alif on March 8th, and I'm freaking out. The doctor is saying if that isn't alleviating my pain, I will need my l3-l4 fused as well. I've seen multiple doctors with the same opinion. For reference, I am a 39 yo female with a six year history of spinal issues from two car accidents. I have had cervical fusion at c5-c6( worked great!). I've also had a laminectomy at l3-s1. Multiple injectintions, physical therapy, yadda yadda. Advice?

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Hi, Jaclyn--thanks for your post! First off: We think it's totally normal to be nervous about an impending spine surgery. It's a major procedure, and many people would empathize with how you're feeling.

Here's some good news: You seem to be doing everything right. What we mean by that is you got other professional opinions to help ease your mind. Also, it looks like you've exhausted non-surgical treatments like injections and physical therapy before going the surgery route. You're covering your bases and being your own biggest advocate.

Our best advice as you approach spine surgery is to learn as much about your procedure as you can and ask your surgeon questions before the big day. We have an article all about ALIF that you may find helpful ( Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) Surgery Treats Low Back Pain ).

We wish you the very best of luck, Jaclyn--and hope your upcoming procedure is as successful as your cervical fusion.