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Posted in: Surgery.

Lumbar Fusion Surgery

Started by 102069098918039... on 11/19/2015 4:18pm

I had Lumbar Fusion Surgery (L5 S1) 2weeks ago, from day one I've had numbness to and pain to the opposing leg and foot. Tha pain was resolved with steroids put the nubness continues. The surgeon tells me that it will resolve it self,, I did have imaging prior to being discharged that showed that while the hardware is close to the nerve, it is not touching it. My questions is has anyone experienced this and if do how long before it was resolved.

Thank You

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From day one, for about 5 days aftee, my left leg was so painful from nerve pain I could hardly walk. In fact that hurt worse than my back when they got me up from surgery for the first time. I could hardly bend the leg. That has completely gone away now, but I do still have the regular nerve pain in the legs I have prior to surgery. Everything is so inflamed back there, even tho there is nothing visibly wrong, your body went thru quite an ordeal. It should improve. Start keeping a diary of symptoms, good days and bad. This will help both you and your doctors.
I use heat with the leg pain, ice for the back. Off and on all day long. Walking does help too, but only if you're allowed to:)