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Posted in: Surgery.

Cervical fusion rods not cut down now embedded

Started by 102056082497501... on 11/12/2015 6:55pm

I had a cervical fusion last year ( March I believe ). Come to find out three weeks ago, that surgery was not completed. Surgeon forgot to cut down rod at c3 level which is now embedded and eroding c2 vertebrae (causing I don't know what kind of damage). Also forgot to cut down the rod at the bottom of the surgery in the T3 area. Did not reattach muscles properly so initial diagnosis was Fascial dehescince. Ironically this problem (the rods "eroding c2 vertebrae)was documented in CAT scans as early as May 2014, if not while I was in the hospital so should have been treated before now , November 2015. I've been in excruciating pain and have no mobility since surgery, so it should've been found much earlier. Is there a name for this problem? My surgeon had never seen it before this month. Does anyone have any information about the situation and what I should be asking about the removal of the rods and what kind of damage this removal may cause. The surgeon doesn't seem to want to meet with me before the surgery which does not allay my fears too much. Also if anyone has experience with having the muscles reattached and can tell me what their experience was that would be helpful as well thank you .

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