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Posted in: Surgery.

All help appriciated..Had Spine Fusion L4L5 4 years ago still having issues

Started by 102049937112282... on 09/09/2015 12:18pm

I had a spine fusion 4 years ago... I had a fracture in my vertebrae. When I went to get pain shot in spine I was told 1 fall could make me paralyzed from waiste down so I basically felt I had no other option but surgery. Since surgery I have been having more problems and pain. Originally my pain was low back and right leg now its both legs and more back pain from surgery area to both feet, feet go numb, feet swell from theropy or walking to much, I have pain in both hips, was told by physical therapist my hips are now uneven.I sometimes loose mobility in my right leg. I have had to walk w cain since surgery. I dont know what to do it dont seem like anyone wants to deal with me. I feel because they can not figure out the problem they are excusing the fact I am in alot of pain... I need to know what kind of doctor can help me the most to figure out why my left leg for example swells like a balloon after I do physical therapy and they do not have me doing much its mostly back n leg rub. My primary doctor is acting as if he dont know or care because when mentioning this to him he said he did not know what was wrong. I even showed him pics I took of my feet after theropy he didnt run no blood tests or no referral to someone else who may know something or be able to help me. He really dont even want to help manage my pain... I feel lost I dont know what to do I am loosing hope in doctors all together. I have so much anxioty from just knowing I have to go back to the doctor. I never made my 6th month check up because I have also been kicked off insurance atleast a dozen times since my surgery, Nd surgeons office refused to see me w/o insurance. I am fearful of surgeon because I am way worse than before surgery and have been litterly thrown to the wolves! Any advise would be greatful & thankful! I am regretting ever even having surgery feeling like I made a huge mistake!!!

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