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Posted in: Surgery.

My pre-op visit

Started by Trish323 on 10/18/2012 3:13pm

Was today with neurosurgeon. Honestly, I can say I had more information from the nurse at the dentist office when I had my wisdom teeth pulled!

I was told I am having a DLIF with cages, screws and rods, but consent is also for PLIF in case he can't access what he needs to. Okay. So I asked the nurse what level of pain can I expect following the procedure and she told me I will be achy??? Really??? I was given a script for my post op meds which is
Percocet 10/325, 1-2 every 4-6 hours as needed.
Achy? ?

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Hi Trish,, Ill B thinkn of U when U get ur surgery.I found the percs 10/325 to work very well for me,,Im still tryin to get PM to put me back on them,,since U never took them B4,,at first they will make u sleepy. but thats good for u will need to sleep when U come home..Hes being stingy bcause u should B getting an anti-inflamatory N muscle relaxent too...I hope they dont screw U N discontinue after 2nd month post op. they usually try to take less away after each month,,but fight hard to make sure they dont. Keep us informed,,RENE :)


Hello Renee and Trish....

Its been 11 days post op for me and I was just wondering some things...I have the same percocet 10-325 from the surgeon..also have hydrocodne from PM....I think the percocet works better but I use the other one when the pain is really bad....How long will I have this pain and how long will the surgeon continue to write scripts for me.....all I know is that in the morning..especialy in the begining I would wake up crying that the pain was so bad that i couldnt get out of bed til I took my pain meds and waited for a half hour...It is getting better every day.I go to doc on tuesday to have the staples removed..all 26 of them..ouch...I stil have the electricity in my legs..and as far as leg pain..I am not on my feet enough right now to see it that has gotten any better...Also///my feet are swelling up....is that from being off them so much...I don't want to get any blood clots....thanks.....Lorine