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Posted in: Surgery.

looking for surgeon using new product

Started by 100003307112030... on 07/11/2012 11:20pm

I have been told by my surgeon I need two discs fussed in my neck. He is an older very nice and effective Doctor but old school so to speak. I have tried to get into stem cell trials but they are small only taking ten people per location and a hundred total. I have noticed a new product from Osiris a stem cell company.
It is called Ovation and is sold as an injectable tissue, these cells and whatever comes with it are derived from placenta. Since it is not considered a drug it can be used now without going through trials for a drug. It is an injectable liquid used during surgery for healing. It is approved for use as a wound care tissue by the FDA and many stringent standards are adhered to. I am hoping to find a surgeon using this product-Neurosurgeon. Nothern or even Southern California would be nice

Thanks Tim

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Sounds like stem cells are gonna be the best thing ever for DDD. I tried for Thoracic with a Doc in Richmond Va but he only was doing trials on Lumbar with no prior surgery. The person I talked to said they hoped it would be approved by 2015.