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Posted in: Surgery.

Is it normal to feel a lump in my back from the cage after an ALIF?

Started by Lynn1974 on 06/02/2012 8:56pm

I had an ALIF on 5/22 and am now feeling a lump in my back where the cage is? I've been struggling with a few things, mainly getting in & out of bed. I just can't do the log roll. I want to make sure I didn't hurt anything. Sometimes even shifting my weight slightly when standing causes pain bad enough to make me yell. Is this.normal? Thanks!

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It is interesting that you posted this question because I just asked the same question in my original string titled Upcoming Lumbar Fushion. Where is your lump located? I had my surgery a month prior to yours. The lump has been there a while but has recently increased in size. I also have pain in the same location. Hopefully someone will reply with some info. Best of luck to you.


It's at L5-S1, right where my bad disc was and slightly higher. That's where my pain seems to be coming from too. It's been especially bad the last few days. Like I said, all I have to do is shift my weight slightly & it hits so hard I yell. The pain in my stomach from the incision has gotten much better but the back pain seems a bit worse. The lump is something that I only noticed recently. Thanks for the reply. It's always nice to know I'm not alone. Good luck to you too!