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Posted in: Surgery.

Disc Prolapse L4/L5

Started by LeeFord on 03/25/2012 4:35pm

Hi all.

My consultant recommended I did some research on this site and I thought I would put my story and history on here to hopefully be able to talk with some other people who are experiencing the same problems I am having. I am currently aged 25 and about four years ago I injured my back whilst playing golf. I went through a series of treatments as it was suspected (not confirmed) that I had a bulge in the disc in my back. Fast forward two years and I managed to make a full recovery and got back to playing football and other sports. About 12 months ago I injured my back again but unfortunately only this time it was a hell of a lot worse than when I first did it. This time I did go and have a scan and it was confirmed I had a disc prolapse in the L4/L5 junction of my back. The only difference this time to the last was that I had nerve pain in my left leg which would not shift. It has and still is to this day causing me difficulty when walking. I had physiotherapy on the national health service which was less than satisfactory and I decided to stop going after a while. I then decided to go privately to see a consultant where he did a further scan and advised that it was again a disc prolapse in the L4/L5 junction, no surprises! I had some injections to help with the pain and then I went to see a decent physiotherapist who helped improve the core muscles in my back. Unfortunately this did not shift the leg pain. I went back to see my consultant last week and we spoke about the possibility of surgery. My consultants professional opinion is that he feels I do not need the surgery. After discussin this further I said I wanted this to be considered as I was worried about my long term health and the condition of the disc in my back. He then began to explain that we could do it but there may be a chance I may never make a full recovery even with surgery and I may not be able to get back doing the things I love to do like football. He also said most patients do make a full recovery. Not knowing if I ever will be able to play football again is a tough pill to swallow. The two options of surgery available are a fusion or an MIS. Because the condition of my disc is effectively like a flat tyre that needs nurturing the fusion would be the obvious choice as if I have an MIS I may have to have a second operation again at some point in the future. I could always leave the disc as is without surgery but who knows how long it will take to recover! I can also have. further injection to see how it responds. It's been a very difficult week and I was edging towards the injection but then my mind is telling me surgery because of the long term. I guess I was hoping to speak to people on here who may have been presented with the same difficult decisions at such a young age. Hope to hear from you all soon.


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omly 25 thats tough I bbroke my back at age 19 and put up with the pain ffor 40 years. if you get it fixed they will prob fuse it and stop its movement. so you are going to have to stop playing or learn how to play with this handicap. sounds like to me you are in pain the bones are pinching your nerves.i had surgery in nov 2011. and have some good days Im not taking vicoden anymore . i exercise everyday walk swim. its only been 4 months for me they fused my broken back and L-1 thru L-5 what pain I have very little is almost gone. if i bend over wrong up and down wrong i have minor pain. if you find a surgeon and tell them what you do see what he says. they dont make garentees. good luck,