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L4, L5, S1 fusion

Started by 100001854922316... on 03/18/2012 5:59pm

I just had a fusion of the l4- l5- s1 with PEK disc inserted. Titanium rods and six screws to hold fusion in place. At day 12 of recovery. Walking 1.5 miles a day looking for 2 miles before third week. pain is getting better. strength is much better.

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just don't over push yourself. allow your body to heal. it's great your staying active. just give yourself days off to relax and heal. i did the same thing you are doing and the muscles in my lower back got stronger yes but also caused my L5 to pop after my first month. had pain for a week. as my doctor side it takes a long time to fuse. be safe be smart and don't over do it. but if you are feeling good. then your on the right path for a great recovery. god bless you. and you'll be in my prayers.


I guess you are breaking your 1/2 mile walks up into 3 walks of 1/2 mile each. I had L5-S1 done in Aprile '09 and I took the stairs up a floor 24hrs after my fusion at the hospital and was released the next day. Doc told me to walk as much as I could but not over do it. I had frontal access so no back muscles were cut and that makes a lot of difference, you must have too at 1 1/2 miles at day 12 just don't lift anything. That's the problem I had keeping myself reined in, you feel so much better and I also had a placebo effect after my surgery as I knew I was gonna be back 100%, Hope goes a long ways. 3 yrs later I don't have any regrets as my L5 was in 3 small pieces so I was bone to bone for 3 yrs. T11-T12 XLIF done in Oct '09 and that has been a total disaster, I've lost 40% disc thickness the next 4 levels up but that was blown and I was a #10 on the 2 discogram hits, what do you do??

Good luck


i had MVA on june 2012 and sustained multiple abrassion wounds...thus i also had l4,l5 and s1.... now my back pain again....numbness,inter mitten..sometimes can't move suddenlly...after few seconds much better.....