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T12-L5 laminectomy

Started by 806529837@facebook on 03/13/2012 9:51am

I have a large a out of spinal stenosis and after a injury at work two herniated disks i became symptomatic with pain in lower back and down left leg.
I had three nerve blocks with some relief after first two third did nothing and now after a month my back has gotten to the point it was right after my injury at work.
I say a surgeon near me who told me to apply for disability and not work, I'm 43 y/o hard to get around.
I say a surgeon at Mt. Sinai hospital director or orthopeadics and also is go to Dr. For Jets and other NFL teams. He has now suggested T-12 to L5 lamanectomy. I just did a MRI of c-spine because after injury I had neck pain which with pt decreased to stiffness, but since work stopped pt month ago the neck is getting stiffer and now I'm starting to get pain in upper left arm.
My question is with the surgery proposed has anyone had it and the outcome I am worried and plan to speak to Dr. About my spine being opened in rear that far and the complicatilns. What happens if I get thrown on train again while working, I'm a conductor for railroad? Couldanother fall without those lamina do even more damage?

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