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SSI/SSD Hearing

Started by 100001149316950... on 03/04/2012 12:12pm

I have my hearing on Monday March 19th,2012. I was denied earlier so my lawyer and I go in this day, I have had back pain that effects my legs since 2009, well recently we moved to Portland,Oregon from a small coastal town, well I found out that I have to have surgery on March 26th on L4-L5, they are gonna decompress and fuse those 2 places, well I am wondering will this information and the doctors notes that my lawyer has on this issue if the hearing will be in my favor, after the back surgery and at the same time I had my MRI on my back they also did an MRI on my right knee cause of constant pain and popping, well they found out that I have a tear in it, and further down in the year and when back is all healed as much as it will, I will need Arthroscopic surgery on right knee.. So if anyone can answerr this question if this will be in favor of me winning my SSI/SSD hearing case? this wasnt information that I had before the last time applied and was denied, I was told that the pain is in my head, and that I am disabled, but can work .. well with this new info. I cant work..

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Any update? I'm going thru a similar experience with SSDI/SSI due to a C5-C7 fracture along with a left wrist and left shoulder fracture(s).