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Foraminal Narrowing - 16 yrs post fusion

Started by OKDAWG on 01/12/2012 6:44pm

In all I have had 4 cervical surgeries. The first being a ACF at C6-C7. 7 years later auto accident collaped fusion and levels above. I had a laminectomy from C4-C7 without instrumentation that left my spine unstable and very painful. 9 months later had ACF with plate and screws at C4-C7. After unsuccessfully waiting a year for fusion to occur surgeon had to posteriorly fused C4-C7 with instrumentation . During the last procedure the surgeon performed foraminotomies and really "opened up nice and wide" the foramina at all levels.

MRI's several years ago had findings of patently wide neural foramina. I recently had an MRI that had findings of moderate (Left) and moderate-severe (Right) narrowing at C6-C7 and I am experiencing pain in the arms (more in the Rt arm that has the moderate-severe narrowing). If the neural foramina at C6-C7 were opened up and subsequent MRI's showed widely patent foramina why would narrowing now show up on MRI 16-17 yrs post fusion and foraminotomies? Has anyone had foraminal narowing occur years later at a fused level that also had foraminotomies performed during surgery.

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