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leg numdness

Started by thogs1999 on 12/21/2011 8:39pm

my right leg/thigh area is numb and losing strength as well.did pressure test with dr. today, noticable weakness has developed...also going to start on cymbalta...for depression in dealing with my back issues. i was told im not a candidate for surgery due to multiple discs and levels.

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If your doctor is not helping you as it appears he is not, its time to cut your losses and FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR. Seems like you need to go to a nero dr. You did not supply any information on the type of dr you have or the type of insurance that you have.

What you describe as you may know is tinkling in your body is not good and should be dealt with seriously as it could have lasting effects. I think if you read the nero groups here or anywhere on the medical sites will say the same thing. GET SOME HELP from a doctor that is willing to help you.

Please let us know how you do before you have permanent damage.


i think your right...too little has been done to rectify my condition,its always meds 1st.i am seeking out a new dr...the dr. im seeing now is pain management, because they say no surgery yet, but i just feel my condition is not being addressed..thank you for you thoughts...merry christmas to you and your family!