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Posted in: Back pain, Scoliosis, and Surgery.

I need YOUR advice (not a surgeon's)

Started by mand on 12/18/2011 11:29am

HX: 1991 ant/post surgery for scoliosis ( T-11 to L-4)
2001 an/post fusion extension (l-4 to L5)
Present: DISABLED. WEIGHT GAIN. BED REST for two years

I tried to avoid my 3rd surgery, but it is clear that my L-5 S-1 Joint has no disc. Can anyone chime in on who as undergone a fusion extension of the L5/S1 joint with a fusion above?

Surgeon is saying the TILF procedure at L5/S1. Seems like the best out of the others so far...

Also, if you have had L5/S1 fused for several years (over 10) can you speak to pain levels?

I don't know if what I am feeling now is better than another surgery or not. I wish I could look at my surgeries in the past as anything but barbaric, but my life has been plagued with residual struggles. Anyone?

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Hi Mand
All i can really speak about is the L5-S1 disk being almost gone and i had an anterior/posterior fusion with bone graft from my hip in March2011 and it has helped a lot.I wish you the best.
Nurse Nancy