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Posted in: Surgery.

Request for advice and help

Started by zh_lin on 12/12/2011 4:30am

I came across a woman this afternoon when I visited an ICU at a hospital in China. Her husband, Mr Wang, is in his early 60s and had artificial disc replacements in the neck (the 4th and the 5th disc) in March 2011 and had paralysed ever since then. When he was moved from the operating theatre to the ward, he was lying on his back rather than on his face and in less than twenty minutes in the ward he suffered a stroke and lost consciousness for 90 days. When he regained his consciousness 90 days later, he was found paralysed from the neck downward and uable move any of his limbs and has since suffered from continuous (24-hour per day) jerking of his two deformed claw-like hands. Could you please advise where his family could seek for medical advice and whether he could accept him into a hospital that could offer him the right treatment? How much will the cost be? I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
Many thanks in anticipation,

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