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Saw the Surgeon Today no Good news ,

Started by 1261877952@facebook on 12/02/2011 5:38pm

Saw the surgeon today and it was not good news but it was'nt bad either.. From what he can see on the xray is that the screws and rods are staying where they belong but the bone is not healing as its should He said he wanted to wait another two months and check it again and then if it is not any further along than it is now he wants to do a CAT scan to see what is going on.

He said that he did not want to rush into another surgery since I have already had three of them and that we are now 5 months out from the revision surgery.

He thought that my nerve in my foot and the burning of it was the nerve trying to heal.. He increased my Gabapentin to 3000 miligrams. No more PT but I am to do all the exercises at home and use the TENS machine as I need it.

My memory loss is due to the Gabapentin and for now there is nothing we can do about it. Not being able to focus on things is also due to the Gabapentin. you know while this drug does help ease the nerve pain and makes it less intense than it is without it IT SUCKS not being able to remember and focus on things..

I am just so frustrated with this whole process. .

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sorry to hear your out come.
i'm also on that med after my back fusion.
half the time i can't remember when i took my meds last.
yes it does help.
i take calsium 600mg two times a day plus multi vitamins.
i have seen alot of new bone in my L5.
have you tried this.
has your doctor tried bone stimulation grouth treatments on you yet.
keep pressing your doctor to do something.
don't give up on getting better.
and when a doctor tells you theres no more we can do.
i see you had three surgeries already.
don't give up.
you'll be in my prayers.


I was, told, three years ago, that my, 'only,' chance of resuming a life without pain and increasing disability was to undergo spinal fusion surgery. This was told to me by a consultant surgeon - who, obviously, makes a living from such procedures.......
Knowing something of the procedure and how seriously it most often fails, I took it under advisement, considered the pro's and cons and decided NOT to have the surgery. A decision supported my my GP.

I endure pain constantly, to one degree or another. I take a combination of drugs every day, just to remain upright.

I'm permitted to take Gabapentin at 300mgs per capsule, three caps a time, three times a day. In addition, I take Co-Codamol at 30/500 per cap twice a day. I never actually takle the full permitted dosage. Only upping the dose when the pain is too much to be borne.

Even so, I sleep badly, because I can't get my left leg into a comfortable position. I have to work every day around the pain. My left leg burns sometimes with pain, causing me to weep with frustration and sheer agony.

I do suffer some memory loss, in the short term, but I never considered that it might be connected to my use of Gabapentin. Always put it down to my age and having recently completed menopause.

I don't regret refusing the fusion surgery when I read of so many people suffering worse misery when the surgery has failed.