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husband had L4-L5 decompression and fusion on Oct 24, 2011

Started by 1354993567@facebook on 11/10/2011 8:34pm

My husband was in the hospital for 5 days he want out by then. They want him to stay inpatient for phsyical rehab but he refused. The first night was horrible he couldnt' sleep didn't have his valium yet just had his pain meds which didn't help relax him or help him sleep. Got them the next day he start to relax and sleep. In few days he was doing things he shouldn't be doing. No bending, lifting or twisting. He did the bending and twisting due to his OCD he sees something on the floor he has to pick it up. The kids left the ketchup out on the counter he had to get up and put it away the dishes were still in the sink he had to do them. He has this thing with having the house clean and everything has it place. He even try that in the hospital try to pick up something he drop when he wasn't allow to get out of bed. I had them put the bed alarm on when I left because I know him he would try to get out of bed himself.
He had a total of 42 staples in his back. He seem to be doing fine had the staples taken out on Monday and xrays by Wednesday he had a fever, lethargic, high sugars, chills, sweating where he soak the bed and pillows. He slept like 17 hours that day and got up and fell back to sleep again for another hour. He walks with a walker and uses a back brace but he try to go to the bathroom quick but he didn't put on his brace or use his walker. Well luckily I was there to catch him from falling twice. I made him use his walker but was mad at him for not using his brace. Today took him to see his surgeon he said xray looks fine but he is concern that his back looks red and swollen. So he had to go to lab to get blood work so he can check for infection, see how his diabetes and anemia is doing. He been running high glucose levels yesterday he didn't eat until late evening he was having levels 150 or higher without no food or very little fluids. Today his levels was 155 first morning and high was 289. His blood pressure been running low it was 105/50 today at the surgeon office. He been having alot of shakes and jerking. So bad that he could barely walk with his walker he call me help I ran to him he was going down but luckily his walker has a seat so I told him to turn around and sit as I hold on to him. This happen twice when we were leaving. Well went to lab but ask for a wheel chair he was so unsteady he couldnt' even sign the paper I had to sign for him he was shaking so badly.
He seems so different today he saying things that dont make senses, forgots what he is talking about, sleeping alot just falls asleep even when talking to us. He did eat today. He just don't seem him self. Last night his nephew had to pick him off the floor he said he wasn't feeling well next thing we know he hit the floor usually I make it to catch him but I was in another room his nephew was behind him but wasn't able to hold his weight like I can. He is 23 but he is skinny where my hubby weighs 205 lbs.
I just look up the results of his xray what does this mean Immature laeral fusion masses are present adjaceent to the L4-L5 level. Also it says that lamincectomy defect is present at the old L5-S1 fushed level. He has posterior fusion rods at the L4-L5 the surgeon took out the L5-s1 screws and rods and only put back was the L5 which is attach to the L4 as well.
I am just worried why he is acting so strangely this happen when he was in the hospital and when he first came home but then he had burst of energy where I couldnt' get him to sit still. He is anemic and need a blood transfusion in the hospital luckily he had donated 1 unit for surgery which they didn't use so he had it put back in him. But his levels still ran low. I give him iron 2 times a day. He also diabetic they stop his metformin few days before surgery and then put him on insulin only in hospital and next week he sees his primary and he is going to put him on new diabetes med so he hasn't had any insulin or any oral meds for his diabetes.
He thank the dr saying he did a great job his leg pain and stingy is gone. When the dr first ask him how his back was he said no pain. I had to correct him and say no he isnt' asking about his legs but his back. Then he said my legs don't have any more pain, have numbness in hips but still have back pain but it isn't as bad as a before. Think he told me an 8 on the ride home. The whole time in the hospital he was 9/10
He just seems so weak, pale and not himself. he sleeping so much he isn't even asking for to much pain meds like he always does. Looks like he just sleeping thru the pain. He just doesn't seem all there if that makes sense just got me so worried about him. And now with all this sleeping. He is in the recliner just snoring away. Also got to worry about pneumonia due to his asthma even though he had pneumonia shot a year or 2 ago he seems to get them after surgery very easily.
So waiting for the hospital to call to set up an ultrasound for him they want to check his back for any fluid if there is they want them to drain it and send it out to a lab for further testing. he didn't want to give any antobotics until he has the labs back. Which we did the labs today so hoping they will have answers tomorrow. Need to know if his anemia is worst and his diabetes. Hoping that his anemia isnt' to low where he will need another transfusion since he don't have anymore of his own blood since the first one he gave he passed out where his eyes roll back. so he wasn't allow to come back in a week to give another unit

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Thank you so much for the detailed description. It truly helps in preparation of my surgery scheduled in mid Dec.
Do you mind sharing which hospital performed the procedure?