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Posted in: Back pain, Herniated disc, and Surgery.

Debating on removing hardware

Started by Time2change on 11/08/2011 7:32pm

Hi everyone,
My original injury was two ruptured cervical discs, compression fx at T7, and herniations at T4, T5 and S1. (annular tears T4 & T5). I was in excrutuiating pain for several months, and b/c it was workers comp i had to go thru the process of PT, massage therapy, attempting light duty at work..where i was re-injured (i was a ER nurse). I have a alleregy that prohibits any codiene - so that pretty much limits me to Ibuprophen, muscle relaxers and Ultram. Needless to say after 11 months of torture and 2 Neurosurgeons later i found one i trusted who did a fusion of L4,L5 ans S1. When i woke from surgery the pain i had experienced all those months was gone, and only surgical pain remianed. That was May 2010. I have have had on going muscle spasms, for which i tolerate - they dont compare to the pain i used to have. April May of this year they started to get worse, than the numbess in my left foot. Constant pressure lower back, stabbing sensations, pain to left buttock. NS seems to think my hardware has shifted, and needs to come out. I trust him completely and if he feels this is necessary to protect my spine than im all for it. What can anyone tell me (more recent) of their experiences? How is the pain, recovery? My job is fantasic, and i am working from home - from my recliner believe it or not. Standing and sitting are pretty much intolerable right now. Any suggestions, afvice greatly appreciated.

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