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Went and saw the Surgeon today

Started by 1261877952@facebook on 09/09/2011 1:51pm

just got back from the Drs and I got GOOD NEWS!!!!! The X-rays show that everything is where it is supposed to be!!!!! I am so happy about this.. He has me finally starting in PT next Thursday to transition out of the back brace and off the walker. I am to start weaning off of the Gabapentin to see how well the nerve is healing start with one pill and if after three days I am still doing good I get to lose another pill and on down the line till they are no more.. Yesterday my Primary care told me I had gained 25 pounds since I saw her last and that was only a month ago.. we both agreed that it was the meds. I am so ready to be on less medicine. Hugs everyone and thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers.

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