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I am going to see a new Neurosurgeon to see about having a rod in my whole spine

Started by mickeymouse on 08/29/2011 8:35pm

I found out when I had my last fusion that the dr who did that surgery was responsible for the nerve obliteration in my right leg. So now I am currently in the process of going to see another Neurosurgeon for a consultation and to see if he will take my case and help me. I was told that in order to stop this aggressive and progressive disease is to get the discs removed and have a rod placed in my back and have my neck fused. I don't know if that information is correct or what but it kinda makes sense? If anyone has any advice or information that could help me please let me know I am open to all suggestions, advice, info etc. Oh I also have spinal stenosis in my back and neck. Scoliosis in my back, sciatica just severe chronic pain all the time.

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Hi mickymouse, my name is Rene,more story is also posted if u want to read,I highly recomend a third opinion b4 u have a complete rod inplanted, what area do u live in I might b able to suggest a few good neurosurgeons.Im a nurse with with orthopedic background experience,I have stated lots of suggestions on my posting, let me know if my suggestions help. I wish u luck and wellbeing to finding a solution to your issues.I too am a fell chronic pain sufferer,until last week, I found releif. I too tryed pain management wich did not work,along with accupunture,my meds have been changed and between the med changes and a TENS unit which i talk about at my site,my pain has almost diminished,and the use of narcs are down to a minimum. RENE :)