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Posted in: Surgery.

What to expect?

Started by 100001822618319... on 08/25/2011 2:42pm

I am 36 and having anterior cervical discectomy with fusion (c5,6,7) .. My back has been broken twice when i was 19, 13 weeks apart. It was L3 fractured both times. When i was 22 i started started steroid injections in shoulder for horrible spasms. In the past year or two the pain in my neck and shoulder had become relentless. So i was sent for MRI's, x-ray and here i am today. I stopped taking all my medication a few weeks ago, for 2 reasons 1) I have been of work since May 2) I have become sick of taking so many pills a day and feel EXACTLY like i would if i hadnt taken them.. I have been reading case studies and forums etc. etc... My surgeon said it was a big deal, but i now i am starting to get a little worried about all the complications that people are having... If you have had this surgery or close to it tell me your experience good or bad. Nothing will change my mind about having the procedure, i have heard the word PARALYZED to many times not to wanna do it and the pain is so bad i will try anything..

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Hi darin, hav faith and go through w ur proceedure,by best suggestion (and IM a NURSE), its all about the neuro surgeon, get two to three opinions,b4 anything, try to choose a surgeon from someone who has had surgery by doc,visit other peoples sites, put a posting up stating where or what area u live in, since we all had surgeries im sure theres someone out there relativly close to where u live to give u a refferal, my name is RENE feel free to visit my site and leave me a question, hopefully i can answer it for u, i have 3 postings, choose the one w all the replies, as the first 2 wereoopsies,new to site and couldnt figure out where to wright my testimonial so they are blank. Good luck on your journey to getting well. RENE :) .one more thing once u start w a surgeon, and if it turns out after surgery u want to change to another one, MOST surgeons wont take u on as patient till ur one year post ur surgery, they usually dont like to pick up where another surgeon left off