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Posted in: Surgery.

Cervical fusion C5 -C6 still hurts and the change in mobitily too

Started by alicia on 08/03/2011 11:14pm


Do you feel your plate?

Does it hurts when you speak an express yourself?

Don't you find yourself not being able to express as you would before surgery because of the change of movement?

Does it hurts to turn your head?

Where you told that you might be 80% better and feel worst? It's been six month. Progress is very slow.

I was told that after fusion, I could do bungy jumpy - not interested, That I could run, intersted, would love to swim and ride bike, do yoga.

Do feel you had to change your intimacy?

I hope things will get better, I have a mixture of depression, frutration for what I expected... and what I see here is that most of you seem to feel worst than before. I feel pains I did not have when I move to do different things.

Do you ask yourself why surgery was recommended?

Please soemone tell me if you feel strange when moving your head while talking, whe you smell something, is for exaple their is a cake on the table and you bend to smell it.

Are you able to take pictures with your friend and be funny?

I am wondering if we are being recommended surgery when it is still not the time. I had a central herniated disk, I did had different pains, but I think I was going to be better. I feel worst now. Have it happened to you???? I used to bend and cut construction paper for my classroom, be very active and fun to be with, now I am more afraid of hugging than before. Please tell me if I am an alien or have you experience this.

Is true I have experience too much changes and on top a surgery, so I feel like another person, and I get scared. Tomorrow I'll walk and do my exercises.



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