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Posted in: Surgery.

Frustration and fear of a future surgery

Started by alicia on 08/01/2011 2:53am

Wow! I am so sad about all the pain that must of us have to put up with. I am so scared to hear that so many of you have had more surgeries after your cervical surgeries. One said that she had another surgery after 23 years. I don't want to. I just wnat to be normal.

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I'm right here with you all...I am sorry for all your pain. Have had L3 SI Disectomy and L5 SI Disectomy in 2005 and 2006. On the job injury in "05" , and found myself out the door on a disibility retirement. That was at 37 yrs old. Cmon man!? Retirement Disibility!!?? Now im 43. I was run through P.Ther. a couple times...just more pain....then had injections...those worked for two days....the story goes on just like all the rest.!! Norcos every 4 hours...3 valium a day and 2 Lyrica's a day.....My Neuro. Surgeon who is very good...wants me off the drugs or he is turning me over to Pain Mgmt. That just means more DRUGS!! OR get the next surgery....a Fusion at the L5 SI TLIF and PLIF...I had appt yesterday for a heads up on the surgery he had me sched. for this Aug. 17th.....I DECLINED ..so he's referring me to Pain mgmt..Ive read all these posts and 100's others ....trying to keep alot of negativity out of this decision....but it boils down to no relief from this fusion....and he cant guarantee me that my upper level wont end up getting fused as well...Seems like im just gonna have to bite a bullet.