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Posted in: Back pain, Chronic pain, and Surgery.

Numbness in buttock after 3 months of surgery?

Started by cocola123 on 07/14/2011 4:25pm

Can anyone tell me did or do you have numbness in the buttocks. I had my 6th surgery on 4/26/2011. I can pinch myself on the upper buttocks and I cannot feel anything. I notice I was bleeding from a scratch and this is when I notice the problem. It was there after surgery and the doctor said it was normal, but still here. I go back to the doctor on July 25th and will start physical therapy. Any feedback to talk to my doctor would help. Surgery was for the L3/L4 and to clean up bone spurs and scar tissue and around the L5 fusion. Still in pain on the right ilium crest, cause she took out bone marrow for the fusion and some back pain, but not too much. If I take my pain medicine I have no pain, but once I stop taking the medicine I can still feel the pain.....

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I had a similar experience and found out that it was because my surgeon had cut a gluteal nerve when he made the incision to remove the bone from my hip. That was 17 years ago. I still have some numbness there, but have grown used to it. Numbness sure is different than nerve "pain". And should become less after time!


Thank you so much. Glad it will heal over time. I feel confidence that my surgeon did a great job! My numbness in my left foot is no longer there and the left back on L3 L4 is doing very well. Sometimes I still do have some discomfort on my left side at L5, but she said she clean up as much as she could at that level, even though she didn't do the L5 spinal fusion, another doctor had done that. My doctor did say I will still have the stiffness in all areas, which I know my pain specialist was taking care of that problem. Thanks again for answering my post.