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What would you do with foraminal steosis, bulding disc and a bad heart?

Started by susanshoun on 07/05/2011 7:29pm

I have one nore doctor to go to but witha recent MRI this is what they have told me. At the C3-C4 interspace, there is moderate right foraminal stenosis and mild left foraminal stenosis. At the C4-C5, there is mild central and mild bilateral foraminal stenosis, greater on the right. At the C5-C6, there is mild to moderate central stenosis and SEVERE bilateral foraminal stenosis. At the C6-C7, tthe broad-based disc protrusion and mild central stenosis are much more prominent on the right. There is SEVERE bilateral foraminal stenosis. Impression=Multilevel degenerative disc disease, spondylosis and facet arthritis cervical pine, superimposed on a congenitally small canal. There is resultant multilevel central and foraminal stenosis. I know that stenosis usually means a "narrow Opening" and foraminal usually means "hole" but is all this just "bone spurs" or what? Also--at C2-C3 there is a minimal disc bulge,at C3-C4 a slightly narrowed disc and uncovertebral joint spur and Right-sided disc/osteophyte complex. At C4-C5 an annular tear with a trace retrolisthesis and disc narrowing space with nearly complete effacement of subarachnoid space around the cord and mild flattening of the anterior aspect of cord.
Would you have surgery?

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Please do pranayama and ashtanga yoga


Dear susanshoun, I had /have simular problem. There is NO easy answer to your problems. I had surgery foraminal on my neck. It took awhile but most of the major pain when away. I had a good surgeon who understand the problem. You should get second opinion just to be sure. They told me there are no Guarantees. It could come back. Basicly what he did is open the space where the nerve is. I still have osteophytes are still cracking. I was in PT for several months. You might want to try water therapy. Will help you body loosen up. I wish I had a magic answer that would solve your problem but then I guess I would not have my problems either. Please let me know how you make out.