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360° Fusion (Anterior and Posterior) concerns

Started by Rspang on 06/27/2011 12:01am

i have suffered from horrible back pain since i was in the 8th grade and was never able to work. It tended to just get worse over the years to the point where i started getting numb in areas as well as struggling to pick up a gallon of milk.I did tons of injections,physical therapy,pain meds and nothing has worked. As bad as i didnt want to,in January of 2010 i had the 360 degree anterior and posterior fusion done. I feel better as far as the numbness goes and my back doesnt hurt nothing like it did but i still hurt. My mother complains alot sayin i look sick and i do stay nauseous alot as well as my hip and neck kills me.Im concerned if maybe my body is not agreeing to the titanium in my body to the reason why i stay nauseous. I also wonder if something didnt heal right for my hip and neck to constantly bother me? Please help!!

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