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34yr old Male going in for 1 level fusion Wed 15th

Started by SpinalC4 on 06/13/2011 11:53pm


I am heading in Wed for a 1 level fusion surgery on my 4/5 level in my neck and would like to know what results other people have had after surgery?

My concern is the duration I will be off the gym and what should I expect pain wise.
The surgeon is telling me he will be doing a fusion on one level and a Foraminotomy on the 5/6 level.

So if anybody can give me there experience in detail that might help me concerns here.

Thanks all.


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I'm not sure I'd ever ask anyone on this site or on any website for that matter. Having said that, take this for what it's worth. I had fusion on c5-c6 about 1 1/2 years ago, it took quite awhile to feel okay again. But it was complicated by the fact the a slightly thinner than normal disk at c3-c4 didn't hold when the c5-c6 got fused. So, I have a very similar problem now, once again. I am not familiar with a Foraminotom, so it's hard to comment on that. Sounds like they will come in from behind on one and in front on the other. Everyone is different as I'm sure your doctor(s) have told you and recovery time different for everyone. If you are some sort of gym rat or person who works out a lot, it should be easir to recoup, most often. On the other hand, you may notice any imperfections a lot more and feel you are not coming along fast enough. Do your PT and stay with the program. Best of luck to you.



Thanks Jeff I appreciate the reply, I have been put back now until the 30th of June so Thursday I am hoping I will get in.

Gotta love the Canadian Health Care. You're right though being active it should help progress my recovery at consistent pace. I was told they will be going in through the front to perform both procedures so lets hope all works out.

I will be posting on here throughout my recovery process to let you all know what happens.