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ADR surgery

Started by Lee ADR on 06/01/2011 1:50pm

Where can I find a surgeon that will perform disc replacement surgery?

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Sorry, it double posted.


I found my surgeon from this forum and also kept researching on the internet. I just had surgery here in Stenum, Germany 6 days ago and so far so good. I had severe pain down my left arm and of course a pain in my neck. When I woke up from surgery, I noticed that pain was completely gone. I do have pain but it's different and from what I understand, not unusual. I have pain in my trapezius muscles and I guess, when they put the M6 disc in, there is some stretching of the muscles and that is part of the cause that will go away. I'm originally from the USA and although they are doing ADR now, they don't have the experience that the Doctors in Europe have. I live in Asia and I could have had it done there for half the price but again, the Doctors are fairly new to ADR. I drive a B747 around for a living and have very stringent medicals every six months, so I had to have the very best. I feel the Doctor did a great job and time will tell when things get a chance to heal. I had lower back surgery 30 years ago and I've never had a problem with that so, here's hoping. Good luck! Whoever you decide to go with, keep in mind that, just as in being a passenger on an airplane, you're probably going to get from here to there in one piece, but there are differences in the comfort level. I prefer to ride in first class whenever possible.