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Posted in: Surgery.

Cervical spine fusion C2-T2

Started by pattylouise on 02/22/2011 7:45am

Soon, I'm having a cedrvical spine fusion from C2-T2 with instrumentation and c4-c5 laminectomy. Has anyone had such extensive surgery before? if so, can you tell me what to expect afterwards as far as mobility of the neck or other limitations? Thanks. I'm very scared.

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I had a C1-C2 fusion in 1983, and the mobility with rotation (side to side) has been limited somewhat. Flexion and extension (up and down) were affected less. But if you are not including C1, it might be less of an issue. Post op, I was in a halo-brace for six months while the fusion healed. Be sure to follow your doctor's orders during this stage! Very important to enable things to heal after such a traumatic surgery.

Wish I had more to offer right now, Pattylouise. Get as much information about your surgery as possible. Not that that alone will calm you fears.

You will be in my prayers.

I'm looking for advise myself from anyone who has experienced severe rear neck muscle spasms - as I currently am - nearly 30 years post op.


Hi PattiLouise: I wish I had seen your post along time ago but what can we do? Dear I am facing the same surgery. Now after all of this time I am sure that you have had your surgery and are well into your recovery! I pray all went well and you feel great! Unfortunately I am just getting started! PLEASE help me PATTILOUISE! I have always been tough and am kinda embarrassed to say that I am scared! At 51 I feel like I am 91! But let me get started! In 1994 I needed a C1-C2 neck fusion due to a drunk driver side swiping me! After 20 years I can barely walk! I saw Dr. Joon young Lee at the UPMC hospital and although I can not get any two doctors to concur, their diagnosis is all about the same. The neurosurgeon before Dr. Lee wanted to perform a procedure that he designed and basically I wasn't told anything about the surgery . When I called with questions he refused to return my call stating and said that me and my parents, who are nearly 80 years old would have to make an appointment. I took a chance and emailed Dr. Hooman Melamed. He has been on the Doctors and Dr. Oz. to make it short he referred me to Dr. Lee, for whom I think is very good but I am disappointed with how I was treated by Melamed. Anyway, I don't even know wHat to ask you! Are you feeling better? I can barely walk and Dr,Lee. Says some of that should change. I need other surgeries but because I have compression of my cord and some type of genetic bone growth within the fluid. Can you tell me what to expect? What changes I should make now to my house, car? Do you have any paralysis? Dr. Lee knocked on wood as he said after 1000 of these surgies he has never crippled anyone!
With all of that said, please talk to me dear. I am praying that you can shed. A little HOPE on my situation. You know these doctors, they would never reveal any defeat! ANY information, warnings or suggestions you coul d. give Me would be greatly appreciated! Dear I willr be praying that you get this and will respond! I will be awaiting your email etc. I am not familiar with site so I hope they send you a notice! THANK YOU!
P.S. A Neurosurgeon did my C1-C2. Fusion. Once talking with Dr. Melamed he said I should see an Orthopedic Surgeon. Dr. Lee is an Orthopedic Surgeon and specializes in spinal surgery. Just picking a doctor out of 273 ortho and n euros has been a challenge!
P.S. If your neck gets tired with all of this computer stuff please let me know. I will gladly give you my telephone number etc. whatever I can do for you! Thanks! I will be counting down the seconds until I am reading your emails or talking with you!


Hi again PattiLouise! I am going to keep trying to have a conversation with you! I am very interested in finding out how you are feeling! I will be undergoing this surgery within a month, so I am hopeful that we will chat before Then!

I hope that SPINEUNIVERSE. Sends you an email notifying you when someone has replied to your post. I don't know whether I am allowed to send you my email but please feel free to email me at anytime. THANX. I can be reached at mbecky227@yahoo.com.

Thanks. I look froward to speaking with you,
God. Bless