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Posted in: Surgery.

chances for paralysis in cervical surgery

Started by JEB45 on 01/18/2011 10:02pm

does anyone what the odd are of paralysis after cervical surgery if any???? I see the surgeon on the 24th I'm sure he'll tell em but i wanted a faster answer....thanks all

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I have done the cervical surgery on january 2008, the pain is gone, but until now, my left side's
( especially my left hand ) still numbness, i don't know why, but i'm still keep medication n see the doctor time to time, and yesterday, i just keep the mri scan, but i don't know the result yet . The next appoinment to see the doctor is on the 21st february 2011.
After i have done the cervical surgery, i've got the lumbar problem (on 2009). Lately, the pain are seriously, the doctor advise me to do the lumbar surgery, but until now, i have not decide to do the surgery..i'm very scared to do the second major surgery.


faizah, I had the lumbar surgery in march it was a success at first but 9 months later i'm in just as bad a shape as I was before the surgery. The recovery time for my lumbar surgery took 3 months and i'm still on the meds and getting injections as well. Now they want to do surgery between c4 and c5 , and c6 and c7, I already have total numbnesss in my right hand and my right arm kills me if I use it very long.


sorry to hear that...so, when the next surgery? i hope it will be success as well...i'm still in meds n injections to relief the pain...what do you think guys? i'm not decide to do the next surgery yet..