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How long after a fusion to I have to wait before an MRI ??

Started by Sam227 on 08/21/2010 8:12pm

I was told I had to wait 60 days before an MRI after a fusion. It seems to me the metal will be the same in 60 days. I was told I need a surgery on my neck by a second opinion doctor. This surgeon is probably the best we have in the area. I wanted to find out as soon as possible what I need done. This surgeon said I needed a fusion in my neck without any x-rays. He did a exam on my spine. I asked him how he could tell I needed fusion on my neck without any x-rays or MRI. He said the way my reflexes were. An my arms and hands go numb nightly. I thought it was carpal tunnel. How long do they wait before they do another spine surgery? Thanks Sam

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Hi Sam,

I'm not sure why 60 days but I had one about 3 or 4 weeks after. I also had xrays on my first followup visit which was 2 weeks after release from hospital. Unless this surgeon is in the boonies, your "metal" should be titanium which has no affect with MRI. I even wear my retainer in the tube when it is a tesla 1.5. If the more powerful newer one 3.0, they typically make me remove it.

Any doctor who says you need a fusion in your neck with no xrays or other films is a quack. (Yes, may tell him I said so!) Run, don't walk away from this guy. Far far away.

There are many reasons your hands and arms go numb nightly. Mine do as well and I don't need a cervical fusion!


The person that said I couldn`t have MRI done was the technician. The metal is the same now as it would be next month. I think she made a mistake. Yes I thought the doctor is a little crazy myself. But I went to my pain management doctor she said they can tell. She tried to test me but I was way too tense by that time. I'm going for my MRI 26 or 28th of September. We will find out if he's a nut case or not. He's not the surgeon that did my surgery but is definitely a top surgeon in my area. I will keep you informed. thanks Sam

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My Doctor says 8 weeks the radiologist said 5-6 weeks, but I went with my Doctors advice because he will be my Doctor many more years than the radiologist will be.The way they explained it to me in the expaination they gave me sounded reasonable. I just wish they would have said something before I got all of the way in there changed into their shorts and gown. What happens is the metal that they put in our body in my case it was C5-C7 decompression and fusion, so I have a little stainless steal plate in my neck. I figure its non-magnetic it will be okay, nope. The Docs wnt your fusion or other procedure to take before, because the metal heats up and with no bone built up around the plate or other it can make your fusion not take. I went in 4 weeks after my surgery and after all of the filling out of papers and what ever else I had to do they sent me home and rescheduled. I called my Doctor's Nurse Practitioner and she verified that yes all of it was true and they wanted me to reschedule for 8 weeks. If you go in. Before tthe 5 -6 week point be prepared to go home.