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Posted in: Surgery.

Spinal Fusion L5S1

Started by msbella66 on 07/31/2010 12:16pm

I am just 4 weeks post spinal fusion on L5S1. Feeling very frustrated that I don't feel great by now....and my neurosurgeon did tel me before surgery that I would feel like I was hit by a bus for about 2 months. Clearly I didn't believe him! I am having alot of lower back pain that I wasn't having for the first couple of weeks, which almost makes me feel like I am going backwards a bit. To top it all off, my right leg has now alot of numbness in it and pain pain and more pain. I can't even begin to describe it. Dr says that my nerves are basically pretty angry at me for all the pulling he did on them during surgery. Am going next week for a Nerve Conduction Study. In the meantime, I am just in pain.....at a 7 on the pain scale most of the time. Taking Neurontin, Diazepam every 8 hours and Oxycodone every 6 hours, but am still in alot of pain. Anyone else out there experienced this?

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MsBella - Do you have your EMG/NCS report prior to the surgery. If yes, you need to compare the pre and post results.

It is true that the nerves are touched upon during the surgery process. Everyone is different, it does take time, but getting and EMG/NCS done would help you find out where the problem lies. Unfortunately, recovery time for nerves is much much higher as against muscles.

Stay positive, follow instructions from your doc. Are you allowed to walk/have you been? Are you anywhere close to one of the reputed medical institutions?