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Posted in: Surgery.

spinal laser surgery?

Started by rosey on 07/01/2010 10:07am

does anyone know if spinal laser surgery really works?
i have disc problems along with spinal stenosis

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You better believe it works, did for me in Aug. 07. Had stenosis of S1 nerve root at L5.
went to LSI in Tampa then, had laser surgery to clean out the nerve root canal, walked out of the center. have had not more trouble with that area since. Matter of fact, It used to literally put me on my knees, have crawled into chiropractor's office many times before(Ihave a really great one).It would behove you to google LSI then email them. They will call you back. I must warn you that they are not cheap, and not a medicare facility-talking in the thousands, and I certainly am not rich. The do take regular United Healthcare, so do not know how the coverage is. Once you go there you will be impressed, several pro golfers have been there, matter of fact, I met Miller Barber while I was there and Peter Jacobson had just been there the month before me, and was back into golf. I saw people come in there in wheelchairs, and walk out on their own--outpatient basis.
My situation now is burning in the hip, getting injections tomorrow. My mri shows the L5S1 area previously repaired, is good.
God Bless, and get well.


Hi Rosie,
a friends mother want for laser surgery. It worked for 30 days they must put some sort of Novocain in the spot that was bothering her. It cost her $25,000 for 30 day relief. My pain management doctor that actually did the nerve blocks said exactly the same thing on another person. On this website look around and you will see how may people complain about the laser surgery. I looked into it myself it's like the easy way out. There's nothing easy about back surgery and back pain. I'm going for a laminectomy and fusion July 22 it is an open procedure. In this procedure we have a 33% chance of actually being 100% Fixed. The pain is so bad for me. I'm on a lot of pain medication daily. I have a bulge in disc along with spinal stenosis that their going to fix. If your insurance pays for the laser surgery great go with it. But if you pay for it yourself I would think twice. I'm sure the other person that responded did get fixed. Which is great for him or her. But he has another problem now is the same one? Back problems are so hard to diagnose that is for all of us. They could be fixing the one problem the pain can be coming from somewhere else. Good luck with your decision whatever decision you make you had to live with . Thanks Sam