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Posted in: Surgery.

Pro Disc L5-S1 ... 10 days new

Started by grassyhoppar on 02/01/2010 10:40am

Just curious to hear from others who have undergone similar sugery. I had a total disc replacement at L5-S1 about 10 days ago. Right at my week point, it seemed to make a HUGE difference (as in I had little to NO back pain -of course this was while still on my pain medication but until then I was still at about a lvl 5 pain wise even WITH all my pain meds) if I got in a walk of atleast 30-45mins a day in addition to my "laps" around the house. Only, after a couple of days of this-my feet and ankles were swelling up HUGE if I spent so much as 10mins on my feet no longer allowing me to walk much at all. This new development has me bed bound once again and the pain is back with a vengeance - anyone been through anything similar? Have my first post op followup in a couple days - but crap-o-lios I want to do nothing but sleep thru the pain until then.... if only I could sleep.... So far I've been drinking more and more water and tea at the advice of my pharmacy, and I've put back on the ever so fashionable and not uncomfortable at ALL anti-clotting TED hose I got from the hospital cannot take OTC diuretics (spelling??? :P) as I had what they BELIEVE was a Tramadol induced grand mal seizure and am on anti-seizure medication pending the results of my EEG >.<

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