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Posted in: Spondylosis.

any help is good

Started by ebonyblks on 10/10/2014 2:10am


Just a little back ground on my condition. I am 38 years old and Have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the back and have had many MRI's done. My back pain started in 2009 I woke up one morning and it felt like my tail bone was bruised every time I would sit hard it would hurt or ride in a car or any pressure in my bottom. I went to the doctor and they found two fatty tumors in the lower back on both side of my spine the size of big fist. They went in to remove them thinking this was the problem. When I woke up from the surgery my bottom felt way worse then when I went in. It felt like I had to have a bowel movement and bad enough that I felt like it was going to break my back. They said it was the swelling at that time and then the pain after a week did go away but it came back just not as bad off and on this was in 2010. I had been on pain meds since 2009 to then. next think I know my lower back it self started to hurt and it was hard to get moving in the morning or get out of bed and on my worse days all I wanted to do is sit and cry because I could not do anything. at this time I thought it was the worse pain since surgery. went to my doctor and they did an MRI and found I had osteoarthritis with bone spurs but they were not bad along with spinal bifida aculta. sorry about the spelling. they put me on gabapentin I gain bad weight so they switched me to lyrica and was an emotional wreck. so then they tried Tramadol and it did not touch it so physical therapy was started. When there they would put me on the stationary bike for 10 min. when I was done I could not walk my legs were like they would not listen to me when I said move and it lasted about 5 min. They said that was not right and they were going to keep an eye on it. lost insurance so went to a low cost doc. from that point I got worse back pain loss of muscle use in legs and my feet feel like they are very painful all the time. more MRI are done and just told osteoarthritis is getting worse and now I have an 8mm cyst but it would hurt me. about a month ago I went to work and my right leg was not working right all the sudden I would be working and walking fine except in pain and the right leg would all the sudden feel like a led weight was on it and I had to really concentration to get it to move and my lower back down bottom and legs got shooting pains and then numb tingly. the second day the leg stopped working almost all together. it would drag and i went to er and now have a ct. scan I am waiting for but in so much pain I can't hardly sleep. I can not sit for a long time without the pain coming on strong, I cant walk very far before I become shaky and pail and start to sweat and leg goes back to a weight holding it down. The pain is going through the pain meds. and doctor has had the results to ct. scan for a week and I keep calling to get them to move with no movement happening. I had to stop working because I can not stand, sit or walk for long periods of time and when I go to bed at night laying on my back I feel like a lump there on spine and you can feel the lump to and it makes my pains in my leg worse. My back to the touch at times feel like its on fire and a bruise feeling in the lump area. any idea what is going on? any ideas on how to lesson the pain? its been actually three weeks since ct. scan even though the doc. got results he said a week ago. how do I get them to move and help me? any info can help. The pain in legs normally run inside both legs and this is numb to touch, shooting pains on out side the legs at times and down to just the arch of my foot. my back hurts in lower rib cage area to.along with all of this my bottom is becoming numb and hard to know when I have to use restroom. then when I do not sure when I am finished. Sorry if this is to much info. Please please help. oh and last MRI I had a bulged disk with annual tear to.

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