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Posted in: Spondylolisthesis.

Is a lumbar fusion for sciatica L5-S1 really necessary?

Started by mo66 on 01/17/2017 3:24pm

I have been scheduled for a lumbar fusion on Jan30th and am having cold feet.
There have been calls regarding my approval for a bone extender INQU.
My questions are:
1. Has anyone had a lumbar fusion in this community? If so was it positive?
2. One person I spoke with had a second opinion and decided to just go only with a laminectomy.
The surgeon told me that the L5 has slipped over the S1 and that is why he has to cut the S1 and then graft the S1 to the L5.
He says he will use a cage with rods for stabilization.
I would appreciate any productive input,

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Hi, Mo--thanks for submitting your questions to the Community. I see your fusion surgery is only a few days away. How are you feeling?

We think it's quite natural to feel nervous before spine surgery--or most surgeries, really. Have you discussed your concerns with your surgeon? If not, we encourage you to do so.

You mention sciatica in your title, but the slippage your doctor mention sounds like spondylolisthesis. Fusion is a treatment for spondylolisthesis when surgery is necessary.

Oftentimes, learning more about a procedure can help ease your fears. We found an article that we think might help you ( Understanding Lumbar Fusion Surgery ).

We're wishing you the very best of luck--keep us posted on how things are going!


I was in the same condition as you for an year. Grade 2 spondy with disc tear and bilateral severe compression. Went through lumbar l5 s1 fusion 3 months ago and i have to say its not worth it at all. Fusions don't relieve pain actually. They are for stabilizing the spine. Please do all the non-invasive treatments first. Try all therapies to manage pain. 95% of the time they are successful it seems though you might not be 100% pain free. I was idiotic to rush into surgery. Please don't rush and try all the possibilities.


Have the same problem with l5s1 spondy. Thinking about minimally invasive surgery, TLIF with cage.

I'm tired of this pain, want to be active, play football, go in for sport big. This thing makes me sick and tired. Don't understand why I need to be blocked for the whole life from active life.

3 month after surgery it's too early to judge. 6-18 month. Plus you need to go for PT, exercises, swimming.